truyen dai tap, truyen nguoi lon, tieu thuyet tinh yeu, truyen cuoi, truyen ma kinh di, truyen kiem hiep, truyen ngan

Thanh Chuong Artist - Photo: Nguyen Viet ThanhThanh Chuong Artist - Photo: Nguyen Viet Thanh

"Ngöôøi ta thöôøng noùi hoäi hoïa laø moät caùch nhaän thöùc theá giôùi. Coù leõ caàn nhaán maïnh theâm raèng ñoù coøn laø moät caùch yeâu theá giôùi. Ngöôøi hoïa só ñöa ra trình baøy tröôùc moïi ngöôøi nhöõng hình aûnh cuûa theá giôùi beân ngoaøi ñöôïc nhìn bôûi con maét beân trong cuûa taâm hoàn mình. Ngöôøi hoïa só taïo ra moät theá giôùi ñeå yeâu meám vaø gìn giöõ."

Thanh Chuong artist

Born into a large family, Thanh Chuong, since his early childhood, was intended by his father – writer Kim Lan – to be a painter. Thanh Chuong is an extraordinary artist, a famed leader of Vietnam’s art world. Ever since he started drawing at age 6, Thanh Chuong’s passion and special talent have been recognized with countless awards. It can be said that art has become his way of life, his vision, and his own personal school of thought.

The artist has a highly individual and unique way of looking at the world, paired with an intelligent and flexible aesthetic sensibility. For Thanh Chuong, to paint is to play. He changes composition, turns things this way and that, and plays tricks as though he were performing in a circus. Shape and line evolve in unexpected, unimaginable ways to bring out the eccentricity, the humor, and the joy of his subject. All subjects are fair game, and he effortlessly renders them in his personal artistic “language” that is unmistakably Thanh Chuong.

Fairy - LacquerFairy - Lacquer

He realized even at that young age the affinity between modern art’s simplification of its graphic language and tendency towards pristine primitivism with Vietnam’s own folk aesthetic. With his strong talent and individualistic style, it didn’t take long for Thanh Chuong to digest these influences and create for himself a personal artistic language.

His paintings exhibitions have been held in many foreign countries since 1974.

Exhibition and Prize

1956   The first work Alluber Cock – gold prize in Painting Competition of International Children – England

1973   The third prize of Hanoi painting Exhibition

1974   Exhibitions of Illustration for Publications in Hanoi

1985   National Painting Exhibition in Hanoi

1987   Hanoi Artist Group Painting Exhibition

1988   Hanoi Artist Painting Exhibition – Hanoi Fine Art Museum

1994   Painting Exhibition in China Asian Art Painting Exhibition – Hongkong
           The second prize for Graphics by the Plastic Artist Association of Vietnam
           Solo Painting Exhibition – Red River Gallery Hanoi

 Painting “LOVE” was chosen to make stamp of 2001 by UNPainting “LOVE” was chosen to make stamp of 2001 by UN

1995   Exhibition of Vietnam Contemporary Art, Royal College of Art – London
           Exhibition “Vietnam Open” – Copenhaghen  Denmark
           Exhibition of Painting, Yokohama – Japan

1996   Painting Exhibition, Seoul – Korea
           Exhibition of Hanoi Paintings – Centre of Introduction and Art Exchange – Hanoi
           Ten Hanoi’s Artists Exhibition – Namson Gallery – Hanoi 

1997   Exhibition “A Moment from Hanoi” – Duc Minh Gallery, HCM city
           Exhibition “The Changing face of Hanoi” – Hongkong
           “Vietnam Selection” Exhibition – Nam Son Gallery, Hanoi
           “Contemporary Art in Hanoi” – Hanoi – Osaka – Japan
           “Aspiration” Exhibition – Daewoo Hotel ,Nam Son Gallery - Hanoi
           “Thanh Chuong’s Painting” – Vietnam Gallery, HCM city
           “Vietnamese Sensibility” – Hien Minh Gallery – HCM city
           “Gold Paintbrush” Faber Foundation, Castel – HCM city
           “Nostalgia” – Sofitel Metropole Hotel , Red River Gallery, Hanoi
           “A New Morning” - The Hanoi Fine Art College

1998   “With Heart, Soul and Mind” –World Art Center, Soho – New York
           “Vision from Hanoi” – HCM city
           “ Vietnamese Sensibility” – Germany
           “Vision from Vietnam” – Prudential’s Collection Exhibition – Hanoi
           “Five Contemporary Vietnamese Painters” – Vinh Loi Art Gallery, HCM city

1999   “Celebration of life” – London, England
           “Internations” – Seoul Korea
           “The color of Vietnam” – New World Hotel,  Vinh Loi Gallery, HCM city
           “The 4th Vietnamese Contemporary Art Exhibition” – Art U Gallery, Osaka - Japan
           The exhibition of Vietnamese Painting – Seoul – Korea
           Two Contemporary Vietnamese Painters Exhibition – Tatkamasu- Kyoto - Japan
           “The Lacquer World of Thanh Chuong” – Namson Gallery – Hanoi
           “Thanh Chuong lacquer painting “ – Art U Gallery –Osaka- Japan

Mother and me (lacquer-1999)Mother and me (lacquer-1999)

2000   Exhibition in Swizerland


2002   Exhibition in Jakarta – Indonesia
           Exhibition in  Belgium

2006   Thanh Chuong’s Art – Vietnam Consulate- Sanfrancisco USA
           Vietnam Contemporary Art – Victoriano Palazo – Rome – Italy

2007   “Good morning Vietnam, Good morning Korea” – Samsung Cultural Exchange Centre - Seoul Korea
           “The Art World of Thanh Chuong” – Red Gallery, Dragon Gallery – Dubai - UAE

2008   Lotus International Art exhibition – Jeju – Korea
           “Moving” – Art on Vespa – Piagio and Dep Magazin – Hanoi – HCM city

2009   “ Thanh Chuong Viet Palace “ - Ever biggest installation art work exhibition – Hanoi
           “Thanh Chuong Art” – Thanh Chuong Viet Palace – Soc Son - Hanoi



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